Laser Tattoo Removal (Enlighten™)

Laser energy is applied to deliver the most effective results for tattoo removal. The enlighten™ laser is different from other systems, dispensing high energy, intense picosecond pulses. A picosecond is defined as one trillionth of a second, much shorter than a nanosecond, which is used by a number of tattoo removal lasers. enlighten™ provides a more efficient form of breaking down the ink of tattoos, resulting in the need for less treatments.

To determine the number of treatments required, the color, density, and size of the tattoo is evaluated. After the first session, the smallest ink particles are broken down. The remaining particles are then eliminated from the body during each subsequent treatment until completed removal.

In most treatments, the final result is complete tattoo removal. There may be certain tattoos with ink colors that are less responsive to lasers. These types of tattoos will be discussed during the initial consultation.

Benefits of enlighten™:

  • Picosecond and nanosecond laser
  • Dual wavelength laser system
  • Adjustable spot-size and fluence
  • Real-time calibration
  • Reliable design with emphasis on patient comfort
  • 1064 nm indicated for all skin types
  • 532 nm indicated for skin types I-III

For additional information about how enlighten provides the highest quality tattoo removal experience, call us now and schedule a consultation.


Our enlighten™ laser removes tattoos better than any other laser on the market.