My friends tell me that I look 10 years younger, and I feel 10 years younger. The staff at Revitalift is awesome, they take your desire to improve yourself very seriously through knowledge and expertise. The consultations are private and the staff makes you feel very comfortable, I am extremely satisfied with my results. I believe that you can’t put a price on how good you look or feel, and no one wants to get old or look it either. At Revitalift, they help age gracefully and I will continue to use their services and highly recommend them to anyone who wants to improve the way they look and feel. Revitalift is a great asset to Lincoln and I thank you for what you have done for me.

Bonnie J. Gardner

On having Botox, Restylane, Radiesee, Photo Rejuvenation and Medical grade facial microdermabrasion.

I am currently in the process of having my rosacea treated through photo rejuvenation. So far, the results are great! Normally, my face is always red, with a sunburn appearance. Since I have started my treatments, my skin has dramatically improved and the redness in my face is lessening. I also have very sensitive skin and I have tried several skin care lines over the years that have not worked, but aggravated my skin. I am now using Obagi’s skin care line as well as the Glo Minerals cosmeuticals line that Revitalift offers and my skin is doing great! The staff at Revitalift has taken great care of me and I appreciate what they have done for my skin.

Michelle Walsh

On Intense Pulsed Light through Photo-Rejuvenation.

James Volkmer

Laser Liposmoothe Patient, Letter to the Better Business Bureau. To read, please click here.

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