Massage Therapy

Full Time Massage Therapy Now Available!

The Art of Listening Touch
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Hours of Availability Varies

  • 30 Minute Massage
  • 45 Minute Massage
  • 60 Minute Massage
  • 90 Minute Massage
  • Packages are available!

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Massage/Treatment Descriptions

Prenatal Massage

A gentle massage, it uses light to moderate pressure, and is designed specifically for the mother-to-be. Prenatal massage uses comforting techniques to relieve pain and anxiety for the expectant mother, and is beneficial to the unborn child as well. Since comfort is a must, a special body pillow is used with mother in the side-lying position and particular areas of discomfort can be the focus. This experience should leave the mom-to-be with feelings of complete solace, rest, and relaxation.

Therapeutic Massage

Experience a slower, deep pressure therapeutic massage of the glutes, back, shoulders and neck. It starts with some Swedish techniques to release superficial muscles, then works into the deeper tissue structures of the muscle with added techniques.

This is the perfect massage treatment to help with chronic muscle pain and stiffness due to everyday stress and overuse. This deep tissue massage alleviates pain and relaxes deeper muscles throughout the upper torso by releasing the fascia covering the muscles, allowing greater freedom of movement and longer lasting effects.

Relaxation Massage

Try the most classic and well-known full body Swedish massage for the ultimate in soothing tired, stressed and sore muscles. Performed on the superficial muscle layers and generally geared more toward relaxation, it can also be used to warm up tissue for deeper work.

Using oil or lotion, firm but gentle pressure is used in five basic massage techniques: long, gliding strokes; kneading of individual muscles; friction; hacking or tapping; and vibration. This massage promotes deep relaxation, improvement in flexibility, improvement in circulation, the boosting of the immune system, in helping the removal of excess toxins throughout the body, and improving overall skin tone.

Prepare to leave feeling fully relaxed and rejuvenated, with a renewed sense of well-being.

Back, Shoulder & Neck Massage

A relaxing Swedish massage focusing on the areas with the most tension and stress: the back, shoulders, neck and scalp. When time is limited, this is the massage to choose for one half hour of comfort, bliss, and rejuvenation.

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